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What a beautiful day, great course, and amazing crowd support! Really happy to come home with a few souvenirs including fastest overall swim split of the day, first place in my age group and a qualification spot for the World Champs in Taupō, New Zealand next year.


BRUTAL was the word of the day during my first Ironman. 

SWIM had beautiful conditions but hot in the wetty, tried to cruise to start the bike with a low heart rate. Still went too hard.

BIKE course followed the coast through the rolling hills of the Captain Cook HWY. Heart rate not wanting to drop to match the power so backed off more than I wanted. This lead to a mental battle between ego and discipline. Counting down the kilometers with 60k to go. Great to get off the bike in Cairns where a nice crowd were cheering us in.

RUN started off easy in the middle of the day. Temperature was around 32 degrees. Heart rate more compliant when I threw some ice down my top and in my hat. Began to suffer after 26km. Began to pay the price for over pacing the first half of the marathon. Cadence dropped, heart rate dropped and the mental battle began; You’re only allowed to walk the aid stations!

HALF A HEART is the symbol at the finish line. @aralderink and I use it as a symbol of our love for one another....awwww....I knew she’d be watching through the live stream from Brisbane.

FINISHED 3rd Overall AG, 1st 30-34 AG. This means we are going to Kona baby!!!

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